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About Huck…

Inspired by the global success of my last book, a story about my childhood adventures as an 1830’s public schoolboy, I have once again decided to delve into the world of autobiography. Consider this blog the long awaited sequel, Tom Brown’s Traveldays, as I chronicle the ebb and flow of a 5 month Grand Tour of the United States. My personal life is often Buster Keaton-esque in its tendency towards bluff & blunder, so hopefully this blog can be amusing to others in a way that direct involvement in the bitters & blue ruin of my everyday existence often isn’t. I will endeavour to pester the electronic highway as much as possible with my wranglings, but don’t expect this to be a day-to-day diary. Consider this more a rattlebag of anecdotes to be told beside a warming fire in the North Country cold. I suspect a fanbase will explode overnight.

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